Welcome to my personal page, where you will find streamlined collections of information from multiple platforms related to GrapheneOS and things I’m passionate about.


I spend a lot of time on the internet trying to dig past all the misleading and/or dishonest marketing nonsense that mainstream news media outlets and ‘technical’ blogs making claims on security and privacy topics. The information is often misinterpreted by the vast majority, leading to more problems then solutions in today’s society.

I decided to gather and collect as much in depth educational knowledge and technical facts from developers and security research professionals in the open-source community.

The purpose of this site

A have a place where I can layout my notes while presenting my findings in a structured and organized format; providing citations and resources at the same time. This also allows me to have easier access to and more easily share the information during discussions on topics being covered in real-time, and to streamline my personal development growth in the subjects that I’m passionate about.

There will also be quite a bit of streamlined information on here that will not be my own writing, but instead direct copy and pastes with credited quotes and citations to important announcements and explanations from multiple platforms, related to GrapheneOS.


I am part taking in providing educational comments and helping with correcting false information on Youtube, Reddit, Twitter, and Hacker News, as well as writing posts on this blog and working on a few things. In support of the GrapheneOS project with facts regarding the malicious misinformation and false claims being spread by certain nefarious individuals and organizations.

They are actively orchestrating and engaging directly in some cases and through proxies, as well as sock-puppet alternative accounts, manipulating others and encouraging to part take in incredibly underhanded attacks while trying to undermine and harm the GrapheneOS project, its developers, contributors, community members and donators.

I strongly believe in what the GrapheneOS project is doing and what it stands for at it’s core and is extremely important for all of society. The security, privacy, knowledge base, development, transparency, care to attention in every detail and the simply the sheer integrity and honesty, sheds a bit of light on some of the darkness in the tech industry.

The core values of the human beings involved in the project, is what I truly love and relate to in my humble opinion. I stand by them and what they are doing no matter what! I am not a developer, nor as technically skilled nor advanced as most of the team or community moderators, but what I do have is spirit and fight. I will help anyway I can to combat bully’s and manipulators whom are set on selling marketing instead of privacy and security.

These people are driven by greed, click views, subscribers, ego, pride and selfish self centered personal gains, bending the facts and reality to suite their own truth for monetary gains at the cost of living in uncertainty and fud to others, playing on their lack of experience and knowledge to know any better. They use current event words and topics to twist and turn and lie in order to keep their well of chaos going. After all, there is opportunity for bad characters to thrive in it.

It is wrong on so many levels, morally and ethically, to say the least.