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I’m just an ordinary human that loves to learn, solve puzzles, and eat food.

I enjoy taking photos of nature and landscapes, leisurely peddling around on my Huffy beach cruiser bicycle in town and/or adventuring the beautiful valley’s mountain gravel paths on my hard-tail Kona bike. Exploring the local area’s hiking trails is a big part of my life.

Living in the heart of the Okanagan Valley, located in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, sure does have it’s benefits. Take a peak at some of my albums if you like. I’m sure it will be a delight.

I am also a community moderator and part of the GrapheneOS project team. I use GrapheneOS as my daily driver. I love the Secure Camera app to capture the special moments in life, with the best possibly results from my trips and outdoor experiences. While at the same time, keeping my privacy in tact and secure.

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I spend a lot of time on the internet trying to dig past all the misleading and/or dishonest marketing nonsense that mainstream news media outlets and ’technical’ blogs making claims on security and privacy topics. The misinformation is often misinterpreted by the vast majority, leading to more problems then solutions in today’s society.

I decided to gather and collect as much in depth educational knowledge and technical facts from developers and security research professionals in the open-source community.

The purpose of my website is to have a place where I can layout my notes while presenting my findings in a structured and organized format; providing citations and resources at the same time. This also enables me to have quick accessibility, the ability to easily share the information during discussions on topics being covered in real-time, and to streamline my personal development growth in the subjects that I’m passionate about.

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Static HTML and CSS website powered by Hugo.
A hardened theme called hugo-WonderMod was chosen. Designed with strong CSP headers in mind - featuring removal of inline JavaScript and using pure CSS. WonderMod is a fork of an original theme called PaperMod. report

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Full report for security test by Hardenize.

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